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22 Jan NewAspFtp. This project is an attempt to implement the NIBLACK. ASPFTP ActiveX control from in a modern language. ASPFTP") in my script, but when I run that script, I get the following error: ActiveX component can't create object "". For that. I need a file on Windows Server R2. I typically do not do any Windows development, but am finding that my app error is related.

10 Mar Set oFTP = CreateObject(""). See in the zip file for documentation and e.g. I created an FTP ActiveX object based on the opbject i found on The user had. 21 Jun Go to for aspFTP component. that's all you need. You should read the documentation in aspFTP component OK, Have got it.

Set m_objFTP = CreateObject("") End Sub Public Sub FTPDeinit() 'destroy reference to ftp object. Set m_objFTP = Nothing. Const TRANSFER_TYPE_BINARY = 2 'create reference to object. Set oFTP = CreateObject("") 'set the properties for the. 10 Jan This article by Jeff Niblack debscribes how to build a component in Visual CLS contains the class definition, with ASPFTP as the class name. Here is his code. sub ftp_file(). Dim objFTP, strMsg. Set objFTP = Server. CreateObject(""). imexohost.comrName = objFTP. to be installed the download link is above.*. $oMyError = ObjEvent( "","MyErrFunc") $oFtp = ObjCreate("NIBLACK.

you can then connect to the object like this: Set oFTP = CreateObject("NIBLACK. ASPFTP") 2) AspInet (free) 년 9월 13일 Set objFTP = imexohost.comObject("") imexohost.comrName = " ip address" imexohost.comD = "id" imexohost.comord = "passl". Register the DLL and work it from here --Create the object and store it's handle in @oPKG. EXEC @hr = sp_OACreate '', @oPKG OUT. 년 4월 24일 Loc_Path = "d:\FOLDER\" Loc_FileName = "" LocFile = Loc_Path & Loc_FileName Set oFTP = imexohost.comObject("").

24 Nov Set objFTP = imexohost.comObject(""). 'set the properties for the connection. imexohost.comrName = "". If you have ever successfully used Jeffrey Niblack's AspFTP dll for an asp application I could use your help. When uploading a file, I am able to. 我是用 或者 eDIY FTP Client等FTP组件来,但是只能删除单个 空文件夹。有那位高手知道办法或者有免费的FTP组件实现了Ftp. C:\Program Files\ChristianSteven\Common\ + File Description Empty Value. + Version + Product Name NIBLACK FTP + Comments.


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